Though an electrical engineer by education, nilargha never stopped following his dreams to become an Director, Cinematographer & editor. from childhood he growed up in a musical environment so it's never faded as he growed up. He choose his path through music and became the successful music video expert in the industry. He established Musica Creation in 2016. since 2016 nilargha collaborated with 200+ artists and made more than 600 music videos. He also made music videos for various audio labels like t-series, Zee Music, Saregama, Volume, Red Ribbon, Asha Audio, Amara Muzik, Srinivas Music. Saregama Bengali. Raga, Ht Cassettes etc. His ground breaking project was KABYOTORI & MUDRAM, An initiative to explore the world of poetry and dance. UTSAVA is his new venture for stepping into the world of wedding & events.